Nick Young Admits to Cheating on Iggy Azalea in Leaked Video From Teammate

The Lakers are a goddamn mess right now, not even just basketball-wise. On top of having a franchise-worst record, they have all this locker room drama in the form of prized rookie D’Angelo Russell. Russell took a grainy shitty video of teammate Nick Young without his permission,. In it, Young confesses to cheating on his fiancee, Iggy Azalea. Somehow, the video got leaked and now that s**t is all over the internet.

According to sources within the team who have talked to ESPN, all their s**t is fucked up, no one trusts Russell, and it’s generally a nightmare. Check this out:

Various Lakers officials are aware of the issue and are dismayed with Russell, sources say, but to this point they have chosen not to intervene.

“Right now,” one source said, “they’re handling it by isolating him.”

Austin Brown, Russell’s agent from Creative Artists Agency, declined to comment when reached Tuesday.

Said one team insider: “This was a prank gone wrong and a mistake by [Russell], and he has to be held accountable, but I would hope he isn’t overly criticized for it.”

The emergence of the video, sources said, has been the talk of the locker room for the past several days and has led to a tangible strain between Russell and some teammates.

Here’s the video:

Iggy Azalea even weighed in on twitter.

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