Trump Pissed Off Anonymous and Now He’s In His First World War

Anonymous, the group of hacktivists responsible for the reveal of thousands of American KKK members, took its first shot at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump by releasing his personal information. Although Trump will likely ruin himself given enough time and space to do so, Anonymous has decided to speed the process along. They’ll do this by outing some of his skeletons in an effort to alleviate some of the collateral damage of Trump’s campaign.

Anonymous’ first drop of Trump’s sensitive and personal information didn’t include anything about illegitimate children or a reported date rape during his college years. They released Trump’s Social Security number and phone numbers for him and his associates. The threat hasn’t just been against Trump though.

The goal of their mission, dubbed #OpWhiteRose, is to take down as much of Trump’s perceived credibility and qualifications. If he doesn’t end up in prison by the end of this campaign, he might at least become less terrifying and more of a laughingstock. As such, information on his children, ex-wives and all known associates will be released and investigated in their entirety using Trump’s cult of personality against him.

The dump came with a video release. It warned that this is only the tip of the iceberg for Trump’s teardown. He’s dangerous, but Anonymous knows no bounds. Buckle up.

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