Twitter Losing Its S**t Over Lonely Grandpa

Kelsey Harmon is a college softball player from Oklahoma.

On Wednesday night, she tweeted this.

Harmon told Buzzfeed that now that all the grandkids are older, it’s hard to get them all under one roof. Pawpaw asked them all to come over while they were on spring break, and made 12 burgers and even homemade ice cream. Kelsey was the only one who showed up. She expected everyone to pass over the sad tweet, and instead it got over 70,000 retweets in 24 hours. Twitter was pretty much in tears.

Some people even tried to cover up their heartbreak with memes.

Some people went straight to anger and death threats, to the extent that Kelsey had to put out a tweet telling these fucking crazy people to leave her cousins alone.

Twitter did manage to guilt cousin Brock Harmon into eating a goddamn burger with pawpaw though.

As for Pawpaw, he’s not really sure what’s going on, because he’s not into social media, but he appreciates all the kind words.

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8 years ago

Kids are jerks. Then when he’s gone they are going to fuss and cry even though they couldn’t bother to be there when he was alive.