What If Someone Made a Mural of Kanye, a Mural of Kanye Kissing Kanye, Man That’d Be So Kanye

Our Kanye has had some of the most memorable of his career at the Grammys. Well, unfortunately for us, Kanye didn’t make it to the Grammys this year. So we’ve been forced to create Kanye buzz based off old Kanye buzz.

So let’s backpedal. Our most recent Grammys were Kanye-free so let’s go back a year. You know the year Beck won Album of the Year and the attention span of the cultural consciousness kinda went, who? Kanye and Kim showed up to the red carpet dressed to impress and even shared what they hoped would become an iconic smooch for the both of them.

Wrong. The photo was quickly photoshopped to be Kanye kissing Kanye. I gotta say at that time I’d like to have met Kanye. Now, one Sydney-based street artist blew up that meme to wall-sized portions.

Scott Marsh, the artist responsible for the mural, may have to be careful for fear of a lawsuit. Rumor is Kanye does not like the Photoshopped version.

Memes are leaking into real life, people. Is there anything more Kanye?

[Image: Scott Marsh Instagram]

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