Zedd Calls Diplo a ‘Jealous Little Bitch’ in Twitter Beef

Everybody always fighting everybody on Twitter. Usually it’s Kanye West vs Wiz  Khalifa or literally anyone, but today’s Twitter beef shockingly does not involve Kanye.

EDM producers Diplo and Zedd are being real mean girls to each other on Twitter over an M&M’s advert. In it, Zedd teamed up with Aloe Blacc to record a cover of the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory song, “The Candy Man.”

It all started with this tweet from Diplo calling Zedd a poser:

Of course, Zedd shot back.

And then Deadmau5 inserted himself into the situation. Because of course.

Diplo clapped back right on schedule.

Somebody put these children in time out.

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