Zendaya Cast in ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot

Here we go. Let’s try this again. In an effort to make a Spider-Man movie that might actually turn out okay, Marvel and Sony have casted Zendaya as someone in this latest reboot. Tom Holland will play that annoying Spidey, but no one knows who the f**k she’ll play. As per Variety:

Zendaya was one of a handful of actresses who had been testing with Holland for the past couple of weeks, but insiders stress that the character is neither Parker’s love interest nor a lead role. She will, however, play a bigger part in future installments.

Plot details are still being heavily guarded.

I bet Sony executives are sitting in their plush offices (or hotels with gorgeous mistresses) thinking they’re genius. We dodged that Kesha-Dr Luke scandal by adding some diversity to Spider-Man.

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John Lucky
John Lucky
7 years ago

Is everything have to be a hate fueled conspiracy by white people with jobs on this site. I mean hell you guys are so popular you don’t even have the work at home people commenting on your posts.