Artist Behind the Donald Trump Micropenis Portrait Is Receiving Threats of All Kinds

Remember that really funny painting of Donald Trump with a micropenis? Apparently, not everyone has the wonderful sense of humor of a high school junior because artist Illma Gore is in the midst of thousands of death threats and a civil suit if the painting is ever sold. Let’s say it together, f**k that. Let’s say it together, please let Ally buy that. Per Dazed:

The gender fluid artist is currently receiving legal threats from an anonymous source, who is promising to take action if she ever makes the move to sell it (apparently, because of the painting’s resemblance to Trump, it may be invoking the Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Gore has also admitted to receiving thousands of death threats – as well as sexist abuse – from offended Trump supporters.

Here’s to a living in a time when a piece of genuinely thought-provoking art can’t be stifled by the government–because, well you know, free speech–the easily offended become acutely aware of the lawsuit. Less legally savvy individuals have taken to sending ominous emails to the artist with her address attached. Basically, telling her to watch her back. Art should put people in a state of fear, right? That’s why we all become artists. Our lives are dull and we’re looking to stir up some controversy.

Donald Trump has made himself a career out of being an easily-impersonable caricature and yet now that it’s inconvenient for him, he’s going to use all the tools he’s got in the shed to make sure he’s never taken seriously again. Even if a single threat had any weight to it, there’s no hope for any of us at night. When I close my eyes, I just see that micropenis. Poor rich, rich, rich Melania.

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6 years ago

Is the artist ridiculing people with micro penis?

6 years ago
Reply to  JSain

I think being associated with Trump is ridicule enough for tiny fingered and micro penised.

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