Cara Delevingne Is Not Quitting Modeling, Just Depressed Right Now

Does someone have a case of the Mondays? Not to make fun of depression. According to science, there are lots of lots of people battling depression. And yes, ‘lots and lots’ is scientific measurement.

Last year, Cara Delevingne expressed a desire to leave the world…of modeling. She said it made her hate her body, didn’t help her grow and that modeling made her feel hollow. That’s not a surprise. If people critique your body every single minute, it’d give you a complex for sure. Let when someone says, “Damn, your dick is huuuge.” I’m like, “You’re giving me a complex, girl.”

Well, in a series of tweets, Delevingne says she’s not actually leaving modeling, it’s just that she’s depressed.

Okaaay. So now, it’s NOT the modeling industry’s fault. She’s blaming herself. Well, whatever.

Delevingne plays Enchantress in the upcoming Suicide Squad.

Also, Brad Pitt wants to jump inside her panties and make her the next big star. He’s hunting her down for a lead role in the sequel to World War Z. His pursuit has turned so heavy that it’s threatening his marriage with Angelina Jolie.

So, if Delevingne is depressed, she can go be depressed in A-list movies and go to A-list parties where people suck her ass all night long.

Have you ever been depressed while having your ass sucked? I didn’t think so.

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