Charlize Theron Set to Play Hot Villain in ‘Fast 8’

Well, since the Fast & Furious franchise refuses to give up, it’s time to add more actors to the lineup. It turns out one of those fresh faces is going to be Charlize Theron. Variety reports:

Details behind the role are vague, but she’s expected to be playing some sort of villain. The studio went to the star early for the role, but because the script was still being written, Theron did not want to commit to anything until a finished draft was completed.

Charlize Theron won’t just be some hot sidepiece for one of the franchise’s leading men, no, sir. Evidently everything went well because Hollywood beauty Theron has officially signed on [Ed. note: Guess her attractiveness didn’t hurt her this time]. It’s just one of those serendipitous occasions when everything falls into perfect place. Theron, who is set to also star in The Grey ManThe Huntsman: Winter’s War and Brain On Fire, has a very busy schedule ahead of her, but just happens to have room in her schedule for Fast & Furious’ 8th installment.

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Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
8 years ago

Just fucking #beautiful #f**k and her choice in movies is always great.