Did Michael Jackson’s Ghost Set Courtney Stodden’s Hair on Fire?

Whether he did or not, she deserved it.

Courtney Stodden instagrammed this video of her and her friends holding a seance to chat it up with Michael Jackson’s ghost, mostly because they are bored white people.

These drunk idiots decided there’s no time like the present to bother the dead king of pop, because we all know that nothing chases a shot quite like talking to fucking dead people.

This is what she had to say about it on Insta.

“Ok so during a seance to contact Michael Jackson, my hair went up in flames. I feel MJ had my curls catch fire as a sign he was there. His hair caught fire while filming a Pepsi commercial 🔥”

Check out how dumb Courtney and her clique are below:

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Andy S.
Andy S.
7 years ago

Okay A-Hole: “Bored WHITE people”??? Can we say that you’re a racist? I think so.