Kesha Releases ‘True Colors’ Collab with Zedd, but Needed Dr. Luke’s Approval

While Kesha did not get the justice she deserved in her lawsuit against producer and alleged rapist Dr Luke, post-suit dismissal has been a much better look for her. She made a surprise appearance at Coachella with Zedd where she made everyone cry. Now… the duo’s collaboration, “True Colors,” has been released. But it wasn’t a slight to Sony or Luke’s Kemosabe Records. The German electronic superstar released a statement, probably at the behest of Sony executives saving face, saying that the two performers got permission to release the song:

Kesha, on the other hand, stuck to her brand and tried to save her own face with dignity. Sharing a teaser for the music video, also via Twitter, the singer held up her proverbial middle finger to her abuser:

F**k you, Dr. Luke… even if you’re about to make a whole bunch of money off of this.

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