Everybody Shocked by ‘Deadpool’ Film’s Success, Which Is Dumb Because Deadpool Is Badass

Even with seriously promising test screenings under its belt, some of the people behind 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool can’t believe it’s a smashing global success. The rest of the film industry is just as confused.

What all these number crunching suits are failing to take into account is that Ryan Reynolds is literally Deadpool. He wasn’t even acting in the fucking movie. He was just being himself.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the film took so long to greenlight, but producer Simon Kinberg wasn’t thinking he had the powerhouse on his hands that he clearly had. Director Tim Miller however, knew from the second that Ryan Reynolds first suited up that they had gotten ahold of something amazing. Miller even said:

“I thought, holy s**t, this is really going to work.”

Poetic. However, the studio did the best they could to squash any joy or interest out of the movie, and ensure it flopped like roadkill. Miller said he was horrified by some of the studio notes he received.

“The [studio] note that frightened me the most was, ‘We should make this linear.’ The story was always this fractured narrative, and to be honest, it’s a pretty simple story. To tell it linearly would not make that exciting of a movie.”

Ultimately Miller and Kinberg won, getting a nonlinear final product released in 2D rather than trendy, annoying, and usually pretty gratuitous 3D. This all resulted in a movie that grossed over $300M domestically and nearly $800M globally. All that after 11 years of development.

Deadpool is currently underway, and I am really looking forward to another couple of hours of Ryan Reynolds being himself. When asked about the upcoming film he said:

“I really do genuinely want to see a Deadpool and Han Solo team-up. I have a non-vocal commitment from Harrison Ford — I read his astrological chart and it looks good for us.”

The line between Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool is non-existent. And I am delighted.

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