‘The Punisher’ Coming to Netflix

There are days when you when to scream to the heavens, thank you! in the utter ecstasy of privilege of being alive and today is one of those days. Why? you might ask and then I’ll tell you that there’s about to be an origin and spin-off for The Punisher as a Netflix original series. If you stalk the Marvel cinematic universe wikipedia page like I do, you’ve known there’s been speculation for a long time that Jon Bernthal would be continuing to play The Punisher for as long as humanly possible. Why? Because Bernthal was born to play the non-pretty boy, stoic and violent vigilante. He was born to play Frank Castle, the rugged ex-solider with nothing left to lose. He was born to play The Punisher, Frank Castle’s alter ego out to set the score straight. So rarely do comic book adaptations get it right, but this really is it.

While there have been a few flops in Netflix’s productions thus far (ahem, Fuller House, The Ranch, The Ridiculous 6), Netflix has done marvelously with its contributions to the Marvel universe. Daredevil seems to be getting better and better. Jessica Jones won a Peabody Award for daring to introduce the topics of PTSD and the ongoing complexities of abuse in ways that no one had done successfully before. In Jessica Jones, we meet Luke Cage who will now have his own Netflix original series. Also coming up for the Marvel cinematic universe outside of theaters will be Iron Fist and the Defenders.

And you thought you’d have nothing to watch this summer.

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