‘Game of Thrones’ Newest Trailer Released and More Clues About Jon Snow’s Fate

Is Jon Snow alive? That’s the question everyone wants to know. EW gives their summary:

The new action-packed footage includes the return of an old nemesis (The Red Wedding’s arch-villain Walder Frey), blind Arya being given a second chance by Jaqen H’ghar, The Night’s King and his army (is “the dead are coming” the new “winter is coming”?) and a flash of Tyrion Lannister wit (“That’s what I do – I drink and I know things”).

This Bustle post thinks Snow’s still alive based on two lines in the trailer.

The first line is, “There’s no hiding from this. You have to fight.” This could be due to Jon refusing to fight in the battle between Stannis and Ramsay, but it’s more likely because Jon is hiding post-Melisandre-resurrection.

Then there’s:

“The real war is between the living and the dead. And make no mistake, the dead are coming.” Davos has always kept it real with Jon; he’s always been honest, and genuinely seems to appreciate Snow. So it would come as no surprise that the Onion Knight is once again telling Snow exactly how he feels and what needs to happen.

My theory is that Jon Snow is playing dead because all he really wants to do is smoke out on the beach and paint.

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