Harry Styles Is a Two-Timer? Played Kendall Jenner and His Flight Attendant Fling

Harry Styles is a lot of things, but monogamous is apparently not one of them. The One Direction singer has allegedly been caught two timing on Kendall Jenner with a flight attendant. While circumstances surrounding his relationship with Jenner and Styles are still unclear, following the release of private photos from their St. Bart’s vacation, flight attendant and previous fling, Megan Smith, said that was all she needed to end it with him.

She had no idea that they weren’t committed to one another before the photos were released earlier this year:

I had two great days with Harry but as I was leaving at the airport on the way back I saw the shot of him and Kendall together on the yacht. I was gutted. Literally, he had got off the boat with her and come to London to see me.

The flame shares that the singer had lied to her about having ever spent time with the model which only made matters worse. Megan had been resistant to falling under Styles’s charm, but eventually succumbed to months of flirtatious and seemingly genuine behavior. She says that when they met:

There was a spark there but I didn’t want anything to do with him at first. I fought with him and he really had to convince me otherwise and I don’t think he’s come across a girl who has been so hesitant to date him. But over and over again he continually proved himself to be this really great person and I thought, ‘Maybe he’s actually worth it.’ Maybe that is why he liked me so much, as I was the one girl who didn’t just say yes.

Because there’s no harm in a challenge. Having won the graces of Megan, they began what Megan calls a relationship. She fell in love with him when her mother suffered a stroke and he had been there with open arms to comfort her. But the harm does lie in the lack of communication. Here’s two people (perhaps more) who have no idea how dating works or what to expect from another individual, one (or perhaps more) of these people is destined to spend the rest of their lives in the scope of the public eye. S**t got twisted… Harry Styles is still the hunk I’ve always made him up to be.

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6 years ago