‘Hunger Games’ Amanda Stenberg Will Star in New Black Lives Matter Film

If there’s ever been perfect casting at a more pivotal time in history since Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator, I’d like to see it. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, Hunger Games actress and activist, Amandla Stenberg, will be bringing Angela Thomas’ book The Hate U Give to life on the screen. The story centers on Starr, a teenage girl, who has to cope with the loss of an unarmed best friend shot and killed by police. The book’s title is most aptly named for its rip on Tupac’s Thug Life.

Stenberg is best known for her work as the beloved Rue in the first installation of the Hunger Games. She’s done more in her life than die on screen and draw tears from generations of people who didn’t think they could give a s**t about another teenage fandom. Stenberg will also attend NYU’s film school where she hopes to study under Spike Lee and hopefully… make more and even better films in his vein. She cites Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing as one of the movies that pushed her down this path:

[It was] such a society, culture changing movie. It focussed on police brutality and, you know, created stories for people who are not always the most represented.

And if the Black Lives Matter-centric themes didn’t make this movie seem like it was important enough for your viewing, let the blessing from the author (important for any reader who has feared the destruction of their beloved novel on screen) be of further weight.

Congrats to Amandla Stenberg for bringing women of color to the foreground. We’re going to see a lot more of this and we’re going to see a lot more about her.

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8 years ago

Why are we comparing this throw-away film to a Chaplin classic?