Iggy Azalea Makes Bank Off of Racism, Cries About Being the Victim of Racism on Twitter

Profiting off of black people’s work, not crediting them, and then acting like we are somehow the victim is pretty much America’s favorite pastime, so I’m not really surprised by this.

If only somebody could make her feel so sad, she’d go back to the shitty Australian farm she came from.

After Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade came out talking about Becky, a whole bunch of people called Iggy Azalea ‘Becky’ on Twitter, and Iggy immediately reached for the world’s smallest violin to play us a sad little song.

Oh no. Someone get me a tissue.

I’ll bet you 15 bucks no one actually ever called her Becky in real life.

Is she calling Beyonce racist? I need to lay down.

Listen Becky, I don’t get paid to lecture on race, but I do get paid to be rude as s**t. So shut the f**k up. Becky. Just shut up.

It’s also not ok to get butt implants, pretend to be black, put on a bad mock black accent, and say racist things every 15 seconds when you’re a white Australian farm girl making millions off a culture that isn’t yours, but that didn’t stop you, Becky.

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6 years ago

*sighs* Do you think actors from other countries who adopt an American accent to get into the American film industry are racist/culturally appropriating? If not, why would it be racist for someone to adopt an American accent to get into the American music industry? Does one ethnic group rule that industry – yes. But the only people seeing the divide between blacks and whites in America, are Americans. To us, you’re all just Americans.