Jason Sudeikis Will Protest Marriage Until Every Person Can Get High in Peace

Jason Sudeikis is taking a stand! If you’ve been wondering what the deal is with the We’re The Millers actor and his super hot Vinyl actress baby momma, Olivia Wilde… he finally lets it all out. The two, who share one of the only children to ever make me question my baby void, aren’t unwed for their ideological stance on marriage is dead, but instead have delayed their nuptials for a cause close to their heart. Talking with Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, Sudeikis divulges:

I believe that we won’t get married until weed is legal in every state.

It’s been three long years since their 2013 engagement, 23 states have made the move to medical marijuana legalization, warming up the most straight edge public to the idea that hmmm other people’s drug use really doesn’t affect me. So I’d say marriage is closer on the horizon than we think. For the sake of celebrity gossip, America, please allow the stoners to smoke without fear of ruining their lives with possession charges.

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