Jennifer Lawrence — ‘I am Very Lonely Every Saturday Night’

You just can’t get a solid rumor anymore. Last time I heard about America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence, I was told she was boning her director. Yesterday, Charlize Theron enlightened us on the perils of being a beautiful woman in Hollywood and now Jennifer Lawrence is here to divulge some more of those struggles in the fight for beautiful women everywhere. Jennifer Lawrence, who according to Celebitchy is still single and not cozying up to the director, is getting lonely. Hollywood hook up culture isn’t doing it for JLaw, a source close to Star magazine shares:

Jen was talking to her friend about how Chris [Martin] was the last guy she hooked up with – and that was seven months ago! She said that she knows she could find random hookups, but she wants someone she cares about.

The source quoted the actress as saying:

No one ever asks me out. I am very lonely every Saturday night.

But because we’re brought up to believe that women have to be overtly smiling, vivacious creatures of perfection, the source blames the very successful woman for her perpetual singleness.

She’s not exactly a social butterfly. She’s in a slump and feels hopeless, and that puts out a bad vibe. It’s just a vicious cycle of being single.

F**k that… what if she just hasn’t crossed paths with the right guy? Darren Aronofsky, if JLaw wants anything to do with you, consider it a privilege that you are anywhere near a woman’s acceptable standards.

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6 years ago

Boo frigging hoo! Poor Jenn is lonely on the weekend. Meanwhile, there are probably a couple of million regular guys that would lose their minds if Jennifer even considered dating them. Solution to your problem, then, girl? Just lower your standards a teeny bit. There are lots of nice guys out there who are just as lonely, even more.