‘Kate, What the F**k?!’

A Twitch streamer invited a girl to play on his stream and, as all you nerds know, one thing lead to another, she got drunk, got a little horny and ended up showing everyone her boobs. This happened ALL the time when I played Counter-Strike. It’s like, lady, can you put those amazing tits away. I’m trying to snipe here.

Explains the streamer which I can only understand 10% of,

Story of what happened today on genietFAN’s stream so i was playing 2man h1z1 br’s with this girl kaitwan13 and how i know this girl is from her stream on twitch, so we talk a little on twitch chat, i add her, we play.
A couple of months go by.
This morning i streamed early, she is still awake, we talk on steam we hit up 2man h1z1 br’s, we play for a while, she is drunk, and she wants to “skype” and im like no we are live, hello? she is like ok then put me up on your stream. And i was like ye sure why not, i know my viewers love girls the 240 viewers that already was there im talking about, i knew they wanted to see her, so i made a thing out of it, and then we kept playing, then my boys wake up, and ibrought them in, and they wanted to play and join the skype call, so there we are 5 guys playing h1z1, and she is sitting on the call with us, and then suddenly 3hrs later she undresses herself, and apparently her breasts are all over.
Excuse my english and my type of writing. i suck at this.
Long story short.

* I have never been banned since i got partnered, and also never got a warning for doing anything wrong in any way or any kind! *
— * Update, she has deleted her channel for now, and im in contact with twitch admins and im waiting for their decision on whats going to happen with me * —

** update: i did not do this for publicity or viewers of anykind, SirScoots tweeted my oddshot, i asked him to take it down, i closed my stream so you would understand that i dont care for the “hype” and i will be back when everything is cooled down. **

** New update: Early morning 05:44 am 27 april; I have got into contact with Kaitwan13 and she apologises and she is really sorry for everything and she has no clue what happened or why she did what she did. **
– Still waiting for twitch to reply on what will happen to me.

** New update: I deleted the vod, but somehow apparently THIS VOD is back up and this is just right after, and its of me eating, and then I explaining what happened somewhat and some haters came by, and some other stuff, you can also hear my thoughts there too **

Christ. Only Twitch streamers would get this pissed about a girl showing them her tits.

Note: If you’re wondering why he had a mini-aneurysm, it’s because Twitch will ban for nudity.

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