Kelly Ripa Returns to ‘Live!’, but She’s Definitely Not Over the Michael Strahan Drama

As I’m sure you know by now, Live with Kelly and Michael host, Michael Strahan, is ditching his ratty 42-minute gig to trade up for a full two hours of Good Morning America! As I’m also sure you know by now, it pissed off his co-host Kelly Ripa, who refused to show up to the set for two days before her already scheduled two day vacation. As such, Ripa was a void in the show for 4 whole days. The airwaves were radio silent with her commentary on what has turned into one of the biggest morning show controversies in the history of all time or as Ripa called in her Tuesday morning address:

our long national nightmare.

Speculation soared. For one thing, it was obvious that Ripa was upset but for what reasons? And what were Strahan’s true motivations for leaving? The host of 15 years was only told about Strahan’s departure for the higher-paying Good Morning America gig moments before it went to press. To put it in perspective, she’d known more about the news and interviews she’d have to present on air than she would about the disruption in her own life.

In her opening monologue, Ripa addressed her disappointment with the handling of information, but she still tread very carefully, even if she threw in a half-hearted joke or two. She quipped:

I’m fairly certain there are trained professional snipers with tranquilizer darts (in the studio) in case I drift too far off message.

But alas, she kept it poised and classy as the uppity folk of morning television tend to keep it. She had added the two days to her vacation in an effort to bite her tongue as she might be quoted for her words out of context and regret them down the line. But as the rumor mill turns, we learn it might not have always been chipper between the two beautiful anchors.

Insiders reported to TMZ that there has been a rift between the two since Strahan first joined the show in 2011. TMZ reports:

Sources say Kelly couldn’t stand the fact that he stole some of her shine. Strahan became an instant star and got lots of attention, and we’re told she hated it.

Another source elaborates and says that while it might not have been shown on television, Ripa’s distaste for Strahan bordered on bullying. Yet another source says it’s all bullshit. Not to be upstaged by Ripa’s humble anecdotes and designer garb, Strahan passive aggressively clapped back:

I’m so happy you’re back. You love this show, you love the fans, you love the staff. I love you. I’m so happy you’re here

Oh well… they both just got two whole weeks of media saturation and increased viewership. That should suffice.

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