Kristin Cavallari Proves That You Can Do It All!

Everyone knows moms are these superhuman entities with eyes on all sides of their body and the queens of managing multiple seemingly unrelated tasks. Kristin Cavallari, new mom and previous star of The Hills, proves that these magical powers appear the second you push out a kid. She’s breastfeeding, book touring, sunbathing, and losing weight all at once…. how does she do it? In an interview with E!, the reality tv star shares:

Breastfeeding helps a lot and eating the way I always do after having her. I avoid processed food as much as possible and I rely on tons of veggies, protein and complex carbs.

What’s good for momma is good for baby. Take care of yourself and your baby will follow. And she seems to get what the rest of her LA cohorts refuse to acknowledge:

I eat real food, including bacon and butter. I stay away from certain additives, which I talk a lot about in my book, and I eat organic as much as possible. I mostly eat at home and cook my meals so I know exactly what I am getting.

Wooohoo! Bacon and butter! New babies! A pretty person with an actual brain! Yayyyyyyy!

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