Kylie Jenner Doesn’t Want Crazy Young Fans Touching Her

It’s pretty absurd that we live in a world where people think its cool to grab strangers because they saw them on TV, tbh.

But yo, Kylie Jenner went off on these brats tryna smell her hair and whatever when she was at Craig’s on Thursday night. Of course, that’s per usual for any Kardashian-Jenner. Between the fans and paps, there’s no rest for the professionally famous.

Check out the video of Kylie scolding some mouth breathers below.

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Exactly, this twit is a liar yes she was dissatisfied with her unattractive self and had every plastic surgery under the moon to correct herself in to seemingly a attractive girl in pictures she should thank her doctor for the excellent work so why e ashamed to admit her surgeries I don’t know why but her whole family does it. Kylie says would Kris jenner let me have plastic surgery at sixteen she says no but she is crazy because Kris jenner used a pornographic video to create an empire with her self stated favorite daughter kim, Kris would pimp… Read more »

Having a NIGLET for the local zoo.

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