Maybe Marriage Just Isn’t for Drew Barrymore

Last week came news that Drew Barrymore and husband, Will Kopelman, decided to divorce. How is this shocking? Barrymore wasn’t meant to marry. She’s meant to fly about free and unencumbered. Much like Kate Hudson. Those two should get together and swap stories.

This divorce will be #3 for Barrymore. Her problem isn’t divorces. It’s that she loves falling in love too much. Wow…I just wrote that. Hold on, I’m going to check my balls and see if they’re still there.

Barrymore sounds like she’s not taking it well on some days. She was spotted last Thursday in Hollywood, looking “sad”, “upset” and like she “hadn’t showered” in days. Homeless Drew. Some call it homeless, others call it hippie.

Evidently, Barrymore and Kopelman’s personality differences were too much. Barrymore’s a free spirit, Kopelman sounds like he arranges his socks by color. Page Six reported:

“Drew had a very rebellious and wild childhood, with no family around her, and while she is a very different person now, and a great mother, some of that can stay with you.”

Page Six’s other source said:

“There was no cheating involved. Drew gave that relationship everything. She is all about family . . . She would do anything to maintain and fight for it because she wanted [a husband and kids] so badly. She did everything for that.”

The source added, “[Kopelman] always wanted things his way. They’re complete opposites. She’s more of a free spirit and he’s more buttoned-up. She’s also more successful . . . No one ever really knew what he did.”

People sensed tension in the air a few weeks ago. The two attended a wedding in Ojai and hardly interacted. Wait, isn’t that…marriage in general?

“Drew didn’t seem happy in general…Drew was up from the table most of the time . . . [Kopelman] was chatting with other people. They only talked and interacted briefly.”

Okay, but then check out Us Weekly‘s source from the same wedding:

“They looked really happy together…They seemed perfectly happy. They seemed totally fine…Both were really friendly to everyone, and he had his arm around her at the reception.”

Two sources, two different perspectives. I go with the ‘personalities don’t mesh’ scenario. Barrymore got bored doing it missionary style all the time and Kopelman is the type to wear socks during sex.

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8 years ago

I think the “loves falling in love too much” line was right on the money; nicely written Chuck.