NWA Reunited at Coachella With Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre didn’t make an appearance during Ice Cube’s Coachella set last week even though MC Ren and DJ Yella were there. It looked like the same thing was going to happen this weekend until… it didn’t. Dun dun dun. Dr. Dre unplugged himself from his TRT IV drip long enough to come on stage to perform California Love and Still D.R.E.

Man, that’s what NWA is all about! Playing gangsta rap in the middle of the desert to white kids and celebrities who could shell out $400 per ticket.

This was the first time the surviving members performed together since 1989. Also making an appearance was Lil Eazy-E, son of NWA founder Eazy-E, and Kendrick Lamar.

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6 years ago

Would not go to this if the ticket were free .

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