Murdering Your Kid Then Making ‘Ghost’ Portraits of Them to Cover It Up Doesn’t Work

Don’t let anyone tell you not to follow your dreams of being a photographer for dead people. One Pennsylvania-based photographer known for the craft of photoshopping grieving family members with auric photos of their deceased love ones has created a niche market no one really knew we needed. And now he’s gotten himself into some hot water. Sunny Jo, the dead person photographer, waived the fees for the commission of photos of a grieving mother and her dead two-year-old daughter because he thought the story was so sad.

The child, Macy Grace, was rushed unconscious, unresponsive and covered in bruises to a North Carolina hospital on December 2nd. Police reports detailing the untimely death of the two-year-old asserted that the bruises were consistent with child abuse. A two year old can barely walk without falling over let alone take the beating from her Jeanie Ditty, her 23-year-old mother and her 32-year-old boyfriend, Zachary Keefer. Both are active duty soldiers. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. Both mother and boyfriend have been charged with first-degree murder and negligence and are currently held without bond.

Having claimed that her daughter had choked on a banana, Jo fell for it and is now out $500.  Having learned of the circumstances surrounding the child’s death and the resulting arrest, Jo realizes firsthand that hindsight is 20|20. He told Fox News:

I find out that she wanted these photos just to lie to the public to cover up what she did so she can look like the grieving mother.

Did she think photoshopped photos would be suitable defense? There is no defense for a child dying on your watch.

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