Plot Twist, Willem Dafoe Joining the Cast of ‘Justice League’ as Not a Villain

Willem Dafoe is made to play evil. His last name is literally ‘Da Foe.’ What you doing DC?

While the exact nature of Dafoe’s good guy role is under wraps, he will be joining the other heroes to fight evil and stuff in Justice League.

The film began production last week with Zack Snyder directing. Chris Terrio wrote the screenplay for the film, which will be released in two parts in 2017 and 2019. Dafoe will play a role in both films, though the details of that role are being guarded by a three-headed dog under a castle probably.

Dafoe’s face alone is evil. Look at it. It’s spooky. This is not a proper use of your Willem Dafoe. He has the intense facial architecture of sin. Pure sin. You can hear chains rattling when you peer into his eyes. At least you can, until your heart stops.

He’s probably gonna kill the role, though. We’ll just have to wait and see what details emerge.

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