Prank Caller Convinced Burger King Employees to Smash All Their Restaurant Windows

Who the f**k called this BK? The devil?

Employees at a Coon Rapids, Minnesota Burger King were told by a prank caller pretending to be a “fire official” that there was a gas leak, pressure was rising in the building, and the only way to stop it from exploding was to break all of the glass.

None of them questioned it. They literally broke every last window in the place.  Check out the video.

Police arrived shortly after, not because of the ‘gas leak,’ but because these idiots started grabbing s**t from their cars to break the ground level windows with. The leak was quickly deemed a hoax by the fire department.

If I worked a minimum wage job where people tortured me, and I heard the place was about to explode, I would fucking run. These people are so dumb, yet so dedicated.

It’s kind of tragically beautiful.

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