Prison Officials Trying Real Hard to Stop Other Prisoners From Killing Jared Fogle

Disgraced former Subway spokesperson and unrepentant pedophile Jared Fogle is apparently in so much danger in prison that officials are now taking extra steps to stop the other prisoners from ripping him apart.

He’s had the s**t kicked out of him multiple times because pedophiles are the least favorite of the criminal world. A prisoner who attacked him last month has been moved to a different prison according to TMZ, who reported:

Our sources say prison officials talked to Nigg who made it clear … he would brutalize Fogle again if given the opportunity, because of his seething hatred toward child molesters.

Prison officials decided the only way to ensure Fogle’s safety was to move Nigg to an Oklahoma facility, 700 miles from the Colorado facility the former Subway spokesman calls home.

Somebody in prison is gonna straight up murder Jared Fogle. And he would deserve it. If he survives till his release date, which is around 2030, I’ll be fucking surprised.

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Nickolaus Pacione
6 years ago

You mean to tell me no one killed Fogle yet for sticking his dick in a bunch of minors. How many twelve inch did he get up his six inch?