Producers May Have Used CGI To Yellowface Scarlett Johansson For ‘Ghost In The Shell’

That is some expensive racism.

I wonder what the meeting was like where they decided they needed to do a remake of the popular Japanese manga series, Ghost in the Shell, and replace the lead with a white chick, but then make her look ‘more Asian’ in post-production.

Like damn, wouldn’t it be cheaper to hire a Japanese woman?

Apparently, after the huge backlash they got for whitewashing, Paramount and DreamWorks chose to illustrate that they have zero understanding of their public and that they don’t really give a f**k, by using CGI to make Scarlett Johansson and the other miscast white actors look less like a bunch of mayo fucks.

According to Screen Crush:

After the backlash surrounding Johansson’s role in the film, producers reportedly attempted to quell the controversy with an old standby Hollywood uses to fix a lot of problems: CGI. According to multiple independent sources close to the project, Paramount and DreamWorks commissioned visual effects tests that would’ve altered Scarlett Johansson in post-production to “shift her ethnicity” and make the Caucasian actress appear more Asian in the film.

Hey, white Hollywood actors with more money than god, stop jacking roles from actors of color, because it’s 2016 and apparently the studios haven’t managed to find a fucking clue yet.


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8 years ago

Agreed that that would’ve been awful if they’d done it. More from that article: ” We reached out to Paramount Pictures who acknowledged the tests, but refute the claim that Johansson was involved: A test was done related to a specific scene for a background actor which was ultimately discarded. Absolutely no visual effects tests were conducted on Scarlett’s character and we have no future plans to do so. ” (‘Ghost in the Shell’ Ran Tests to Make White Actors Look Asian | What they actually did was plenty bad, of course, and I totally agree that they should… Read more »

8 years ago

I get the whole “don’t culturally cleanse films for marketing reasons” bit, that sucks and is ultimately unproductive. Audiences are smart, and know of actors who could do better and more accurately portray characters in their true ethnic background. However, watch the anime! Read the Manga’s! The artists and designers on these works did aesthetically engineer the characters to westernise their features, and they did this 20 years ago. I think Scarlett looks just like the Major, and not just the hair, she has those big eyes that seem innocent and knowing(while still showing that unsettlingly perfect artificial beauty in… Read more »

Captain Sarcasticus
Captain Sarcasticus
8 years ago

Live-action Akira with Zac Efron as Kaneda, anyone?