Rebel Wilson Really Wants to Play Adele in a Movie. Adele Is Not Into It

Adele has become famous for saying whatever the f**k is on her mind during her current world tour. While speaking to her sold out crowd in London, she addressed the rumors that Rebel Wilson is going to star as her in a movie in her typically no-fucks given way.

“I’ve heard there are rumors about Rebel Wilson will be playing me in a movie – let’s see if that turns out to be true.”

This isn’t even throwing shade. This is a goddamn biblical eclipse.

“They need my fucking permission.”

Damn. Don’t hold back Adele. Tell us how you really feel.

“Just because I’m plus-sized doesn’t mean she’s playing me.”

A source close to Rebel told the Daily Mail that Rebel really wants to play Adele to prove that she has them serious acting chops, but it looks like she’s gonna have to find a new route to that Leo DiCaprio level because Adele is not feeling it.

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Matt M
Matt M
8 years ago

Saying “plus sized” seems more insulting than the honest term… Fat. Saying other “PC phrases” are way more condescending. Either way, diabetes and heart disease aren’t funny. Although Adele with a peg leg by 45 could make for some good pirate jokes…