Shia LaBeouf Look-A-Like Punched for Looking Like Shia LaBeouf

Cinema completely and effectively underestimates how much it fucking hurts to get punched–or to punch–someone in the face. And one guy, according to People magazine, just got to realize that firsthand.

One Mario Licato, a New Yorker, was just fucking socked in the face because he looks like any other douchey Brooklynite a la latter season Charlie from Girls or literally any incarnation of our Shia Labeouf. Every face is punchable if you look hard enough. Allegedly, the puncher looked at Licato before saying:

This is because you look like Shia LaBeouf.

L o fucking L, this wasn’t even a case of mistaken identity. The phantom puncher is going to have to punch a whole lot more faces if he hopes to make a difference.

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