Shia LaBeouf Traded An Interview in Poem Form for a Cigarette, Because Obviously

Shia LaBeouf is #Art as f**k.

After running into Complex‘s Katie Keck at a party and asking for a cigarette, she said she’d give him one in exchange for an interview. Fresh from producing the recently released film LoveTrue, a challenging documentary on interpersonal relationships, with the same director he worked on in Sigur Rós’ “Fjögur Píanó” music video, he agreed and answered half of the questions in poems. Check it out.

Did you have a particular connection to any of the film’s subjects? If so, did you meet them before or after filming?

we’re all cut from the same cloth
I’ve been watching them from afar
for a few years now
it’s been quite powerful
Both w/ distance
& to be in the presence of
These people are magical
And extraordinarily strong
It’s humbling

I want to make a joke but I’m too busy banging on a tambourine and snapping.

The projects you attach your name to often explore the self. Many pose a greater existential question, and I think that’s true with LoveTrue as well (in this case, what it means to love). How, if at all, did this film relate to other projects you take on in film and other mediums?

LoveTrue is quite metamodern
In that you are watching broken ironic people
Trying to find (and make) meaning

I’m into work that intervenes
in the status quo
Alma is intervening in the genre
She is pursuing the tension inherent
To documenting people
The idea that documentaries are not manipulated and shaped is bullshit
She’s a truth seer
She’s not pitching you a false
fly on the wall Documentation
It’s elephant in the room Documentation
she’s using this platform to explore limits
Of reality, Of self, Of the medium

this film was made w/ no ambitions for itself
past exploration, engagement & affect
Alma is very, very good at what she does
She put her heart and soul into this
& found others along the way
willing to do the same
The result is really amazing
I’m pleased as punch to be apart of it

I’ll give you one more.

In LoveTrue, Alma utilized psychodramatic techniques to achieve the film’s ambitious narrative. Can you explain how that compares to method acting? Do they function similarly?


I feel that. Thanks, Shia.

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