‘Suicide Squad’ Director Gives Real Reason for Reshoots

We’ve now seen several different trailers for this summer’s Suicide Squad and we’ve heard a number of rumors about various cast member’s method acting, reshoots and redesigns. A number of people involved with the film have urged us to expect bigger things. Yet, we’re still not entirely sure what the film is going to look like, be like, sound like. When sources close to the film came forward to suggest that the film was in the middle of reshoots (just months before its August release) to make it funnier, Suicide Squad director, David Ayer, clapped back.

With the same kind of passive aggressiveness of Facebook’s famous humblebrag, Ayer tells us my film is already too good, they just wanted more of it. We’re adding much more to my already too good film. You’re gonna love it because I love it. There’s a lot riding on the release of the next couple of DC Entertainment films because unlike a lot of the Marvel cinematic movie releases, DC releases have fallen on deaf ears. Even Ben Affleck seemed indifferent to his experience as the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman and it wasn’t just because he can’t stand to work next to an actor just as insufferable as his character in Henry Cavill.

Again, while not much is clear, everyone surrounding the film and comic book aficionados everywhere are telling us to expect something like we haven’t seen before. These aren’t our everyday wholesome, morally-bound, broad spectrum do-gooders, these are the characters from the depths of our psyche, uninhibited by their own sanity and societal expectation. It’s looking up to get better and better.

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