‘Suicide Squad’ Reshot to be Funnier Because ‘Batman V Superman’ Sucked

After Batman v Superman fell on deaf ears for many DC faithfuls, Suicide Squad responded. Remember that Suicide Squad trailer that came out and we all thought yeahhhhhhhhhh that’s what I’m fucking talking about. Well, a source close to the film kind of went oh no, they love it:

Every joke in the movie is in that trailer.

There are like 4 jokes in that trailer. It’s not a funny trailer, it just has funny moments. And if you’ve seen any of the DC-universe animated cartoons from when we were young bulls, they’re meant to be funny. Cheeky. A little kitschy. We all hoped that DC Entertainment would take a cue from that this time around. And thus through all that hope, our prayers have been answered. The same source who spoke with Birth. Movies. Death. claims that so much of this summer’s Suicide Squad is being reshot to accommodate these expectations.

Someone is throwing tens of millions of dollars at the void in hopes that the void shouts back hell yeah. Well here I am shouting back.

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6 years ago

Fingers crossed

6 years ago

I want to see this movie so bad *mutters to self repeatedly* “please don’t suck, please don’t suck, please don -“