Ted Cruz Tried Cross Dressing Yesterday

If you ever get down on yourself for being an ugly bitch, just know that there’s at least one doppelgänger out there who feels your pain intimately. Because Ted Cruz is a privileged white man, he didn’t even have to do the work of seeking out his doppelgänger. He didn’t have to run some obscure Facebook analysis to find out who in the world is most likely to be his twin. He didn’t have to go on some low-budget television show… the twin did it for him.

One poor woman decided to go on Maury, probably to resolve some very pressing issues in her life as the episode was titled ‘Men Tested… Will I Find My Daughter’s Father Today?,’ Ted Cruz now knows he probably shares lineage with a grade A hoe. *christian fear intensifies* I’m not certain it’s not him considering his hoe-like behavior with prostitutes all across the country.

I mean the resemblance is uncanny, but Twitter took it to the next level. So much so that the official social media accounts for Maury capitalized on it too. I feel sorry for everyone involved.

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