The Internet Is Full Of Sluts, These Are Their Stories

People on Reddit are dishing on their sluttiest moments, and I’m not even gonna waste your time with some bullshit introduction. These are the top 5 sluttiest sluts that Reddit has to offer.

Masturbating in my Roman Catholic middle school’s bathroom because I was too hot and bothered during class from all the cute boys. Yes there was a uniform.

Holy s**t.

Was at a party and saw a really hot guy, told my friend “I’m gonna f**k him tonight”. Hit on him a lot and he told me, “I’m really more into dudes” I said “I can work with that” Grabbed him and another dude and had a 3way in the bathroom

Well, they say, when life you gives you lemons, or gays….

Was on a greyhound bus. The guy in the seat in front of me kept bragging about how he got a handjob from a chick on the last bus. So I talked the girl across the aisle from me into having sex. I fucked a chick in the bathroom on a greyhound bus without a condom.

She was on her way across the country to meet her internet boyfriend. She had several more days on that bus.

Do these people live in an alternate porn universe? How do I sign up?


I met a woman at a night club. After drinks and some dancing, she waves this guy over to our table. He shows up and the first thing out of my mouth is “oh you must be her brother.” “No,” he says. “I’m her husband.” So now my immediate reaction is: I’m going to die tonight. After a few more drinks, this woman explains it’s her birthday and she has a hall pass and I’m her birthday present. Drunk me thinks this is a great idea. I guess this is the right time to say she’s a hard 8 and my brain was no longer doing the thinking. So I tell my friends they can leave whenever because I’m leaving with this couple. I stopped drinking because if I’m going to f**k this woman, I don’t want to not be able to come. And I definitely didn’t want to throw up. Fast forward to closing time, the three of us get into a cab and go to their hotel. Upon arrival, I run to the gas station across the street to buy condoms and a red bull. Fairly sober at this point, I’m thinking this isn’t such a great idea. So I’m walking to their hotel room thinking of how I’m going to tell them I can’t do this. I walk in and there’s this beautiful woman completely naked on the bed and she says “come here and f**k me.” It was her birthday. Who the f**k am I to ruin her birthday for her? So I oblige. I go over and start fucking her. In front of her husband. The husband starts calling out positions and things her wants me to do to her. “Finger her ass” and “suck her tits” were a few. Eventually he starts masturbating to me fucking his wife. A little bit after that, he tells me to f**k her doggy style. Then he started fucking her mouth. And he insisted on high fiving to complete the Eiffel tower. Needless to say I finished, showered and quickly left. I don’t think I ever had more mixed feelings about a sexual encounter. Still a great story.

I am speechless.


Woke up in a random girl’s bed. She lived with her parents and they were home and making barbecue. I stood hidden in her room almost the whole day and she secretly fed me. We were both underage.

Thank you Reddit. Thank you so much.

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