This Guy Found ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star’s Phone at Coachella and Had the Most Insane Weekend of His Life With It

Troian Bellisario, one of the hot chicks from the TV show Pretty Little Liars, lost her purse with her unlocked phone in it at Coachella. Fortunately for her, Jack Wagner, the coolest dude in the universe, picked  it up and started using it to try and get it back to her. When hitting up her contacts didn’t work, he tried using her instagram:

After seeing her insane amount of goddamn followers, he decided to have a little fun and get down with the sickness.

Her fans were weirded out by this, and it wasn’t long before she borrowed director Tommy Bertlesen’s phone to try and straighten everything out.

Unfortunately, her damage control did not extend to SnapChat.

Then Jack did what anybody who has a celebrity’s entire social media following in his hands would do, and politely asked to use their Coachella VIP pass. And she said yeah, but only on the condition that he Snapchatted the whole thing.

Look at his adventures on stage with Skrillex and meeting goddamn Zedd:

Of course, the weekend ended with her inviting him over to watch Game of Thrones.

The life and times of Jack Wagner, man.

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