Trailer for ‘the Founder’ Arrives With Everything You Wanted to Know About McDonald’s

Some casting director somewhere thought, I want to make a movie to get all the Oscars, what’s the formula? And that’s how we ended up with The Founder, the story of the backstabbing businessman behind the McDonald’s takeover of the 1950s. It stars Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, lowly pitchman turned CEO, Nick Offerman as Dick McDonald, Laura Dern as Kroc’s first wife, Ethel, and whole mess of the best people in Hollywood you never heard of. Mostly because they’re not on camera and they don’t have the last name Spielberg or Cameron, we have no idea who they are. For good measure and because I respect these people endlessly, John Lee Hancock of The Blind Side will be in the director’s chair and Robert D. Siegel did the writing. Buckle up for August 5, this should be good.

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