Travi$ Scott Fell off the Stage Because That Seems Like the Travi$ Scott Thing to Do

Because everyone knows Philadelphia is the structural incarnation of the Internet, anything truly worth viewing happens here. As I’m sure you know by now, Rihanna has begun touring for her ANTI album and just last Sunday made her appearance in Philly. With Travi$ Scott as an opener, the show was bound to have a few memorable moments and so the rapper delivered.

High on who knows what, or drunk on whatever.. I don’t know what rappers do outside of their music videos and instagram posts… Scott was not in sound mind when he took a tumble off the stage in the middle of his set. At about 4:04 on the below video, he shows us what a balls to the wall performer he is. He falls, and though it takes him a second to get back up, limp in the arms of a bodyguard, the performer doesn’t miss a single beat. Like every performer who comes here and acknowledges our splendor, he says:

Philly, I f*cking love you. I probably lost my legs. I don’t give a f*ck. Let’s get it.

And that’s how I remembered how to smile today.

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