Two Attractive People Find Love on Snapchat Stories

In what may be the greatest marketing tool for Snapchat, an attractive woman and an attractive man found love on UW Madison’s Snapchat stories. The two, affectionately called Memorial Library Girl and Vikings Fan by users, captivated the entire campus as they sent snaps back and forth in some sort of weird 22nd century dystopian missed connection.

It all started when Memorial Library Girl sent out a snap telling Vikings Fan that she was “seriously in love” with Vikings Fan. They sent messages to each other while everyone grabbed a bucket of popcorn to watch this public hookup unravel. After a couple of missed meetings in what seemed to be a story with an unhappy ending, the two finally met at The KK and probably had sex afterward. The end.

If you’re wondering if this could happen to you, you need to ask yourself two questions. Are you attractive? Are you not unattractive? If you answered yes to both of those, then go f**k yourself.

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6 years ago

This is the first time my girlfriend read anything at this site, well played.