Watch Justin Bieber Eat S**t While Performing ‘Sorry’

There’s a whole bunch to say about Justin Bieber. He shamelessly culturally appropriates. He’s desperately trying to win back the affections of his first love, flailing through the 20-something dating pool. He’s being a little too raw on social media. He’s definitely kind of a douche. And he’s definitely not the brightest bulb in his million dollar estate, but no one asked for that.

What we do ask for is for him to constantly perform at a level which generates clicks as he continues to saturate the media with his seemingly omnipotent presence. And he always delivers. At last night’s concert in Kansas City for a stop on his Purpose tour, the singer took a spill onstage when he leaped onto a portion coated in slippery water. Here’s that fall from 4 different angles.

Check it out again at the end of this video.

He pops right back up as if nothing ever happened. You gotta give him credit for that, right?

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6 years ago

“shamelessly culturally appropriates.” You’re a hoot. Quickly say that 10. lol