50 Cent Is a Jackass

50 Cent posted a gram of himself at the airport trolling an airport employee who he kept following and calling high. He wrote, “The walking Dead, SMH LMAO I mean How high are trying to get Damn!!!”

I’m not sure what’s with the random capitalization but that guy was probably thinking what everyone else is thinking, “Damn, 50. You a jackass.”

A comment left on his now deleted post said, “I went to school with him. His name is ….. He has extreme social disabilities just to let you know. He has a hard enough time getting through life without jackasses like you making fun of him. I hope you feel good about yourself. You just lost a huge fan. 50 needs to apologize.”

That’ll add some narrative to the story but I’m 99% sure some random internet guy just made that up to fan the flames.

He looks more annoyed than anything else. The look on this dude’s face is like the look you give when a bunch of 5th graders follow you around throwing their best insults at you.

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Jason Everett Taylor
6 years ago

Rapper ’50 Cent’ mocks autistic teenager and posts it to Instagram –

6 years ago


6 years ago

50 cent is a jackass for sure. Please Blemish don’t make light of the comment made by the boys school chum. We are real people here in the greater Cincinnati area. He went to Connor high school. So did a lot of people, every year, for decades. 50 or as I call him NO CENTS events are being cancelled all over the country and rightfully so. Poor attempt at an apology as well.