Guess the Anonymous Closeted Actor Who Hates His Fans

I don’t like anyone. I don’t expect anyone else to like me. I don’t expect another people to like other people. There is no shame in that. However when you’re a celebrity, everyone pretends to like you and as some kind of repayment to the universe for a justified ego, you have to pretend to like them too. One celebrity has had enough, I mean as far as the rest of the world is concerned he’s probably still going to be a bubbly celebrity face, but he came clean anonymously on r/confession. A subreddit known for its rules of anonymity, it’s intended to be a safe space for these kind of confessions. He starts:

I am an actor. Well-known. A few of my movies are among the top-grossing in history. I started out as a child actor and fortunately have worked ever since.

  1. I hate my fans. Appreciate them but hate them. I hate them because they hound and harass me. I am not an attention whore. I don’t tip off the paps, party, etc. I usually enjoy being by myself. I can’t even be open about being gay. What really irks me is how fans call me by this character’s name and start touching me and asking for pictures like I am one of those guys dressed like a Transformer on Hollywood/Vine. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always chat and take a picture with a fan if they are cool or for a young fan, but most people are assholes.
  2. I hate the way they ask me for money and think I have money. I see these sites where fans will say I am worth like $20 million. BITCH PLEASE. I am worth more like $4 million. And I don’t even live a lavish style. Far from it. I may get four movie offers ranging from $1 – 4 million. I probably take a quarter of that at the end. Most often I turn down the higher-paying movies because they will do the most damage to your career. Sometimes I won’t get any offers. I have tons of expenses. I have to pay lawyers, accountants, family, etc. Don’t even get me started on taxes. Also, if I ever become disabled or can’t work anymore, then I am fucked.
  3. They think that I can get them work. No I can’t. That pisses me off more than anything.
  4. My life is not that glam. Most famous people are not that interesting. They’re uneducated. They’re ignorant. They’re paranoid. They’re full of themselves.

F**k, who wants a celebrity that has all the same life worries and financial insecurities as me? But he has no remorse… and he has no reason to.

Other details revealed by the actor:

  • I get scripts through my management team. Being in a huge franchise did not do much to help my career even though I had top-billing. I did some TV on my own dime and lost a ton of money.
  • [I am not out because I] would become a “gay actor” instead of an “actor.” “Gay actors” get less offers because of the concern that audiences will not believe that they can play a straight character and/or many many people still hate gays and won’t see their movies.
  • Who says I am lonely? I don’t need to play the fame game. I don’t need to find a fake girlfriend, lecture about politics, post naked selfies, etc. I enjoy me-time. There are things I can’t do in public but I can do at home. People who freak out over seeing my buying a microwave at Target is just bizarre and pathetic.
  • People know me mainly from the franchise that I was in but also from my time as a child actor. They often say how I still look like a teen even though I am def. no teen.
  • Oh believe me, most people suspect that I am gay. They just can’t prove it and I don’t put myself on the gaydar.
  • I don’t have friends. Many Hollywood people just want to party and many non-Hollywood people expect that your friendship will enrich them in some way. Can’t tell you how many times non-Hollywood “friends” have hit me up for money, work or contacts.
  • I don’t have a nice [car] (I drive an old Prius) and I don’t get laid at all. I can’t even say that I am a gay guy because it will hurt my career.

Editor’s note: Everyone seems to be guessing Taylor Lautner.

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Randy Watson
Randy Watson
6 years ago

My guess is that this might be Elijah Wood