Amber Heard Divorcing Johnny Depp, $400M at Stake With No Prenup, Cha-Ching!

Game, set and match, Johnny. You just got taken to the cleaners. According to TMZ, Amber Heard filed papers to divorce the increasingly bloated money train that is Johnny Depp. Papers were filed May 23. Here’s how you know Amber has no heart. She filed the papers three days after Depp’s mother passed away. That’s cold, ice cold.

Also, that idiot Depp had no prenup. Dude, wrong move son. Now you’ll be making Pirates of the Caribbean movies until you’re 70. Fuuuck. At stake is Depp’s estimated $400 million fortune. That’s crazy, but he did make $350 million off the first four Pirates movies. Not at stake, whatever pennies Heard brought to the marriage.

TMZ says:

Amber filed her divorce petition Monday, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple married in February of last year, yet Amber is asking for spousal support.

Spousal support after ONE YEAR?? Get out of here you gold digger. Did anyone know Amber Heard before Johnny Depp? Hell no. Take your publicity and beat it.

Ok, to be fair, rumors exist about Depp’s inability to stop drinking. That’s believable when you realize he looks like this now.

Bloated, wrinkly, but he’s got highlights in his hair, so it’s all good?

Celeb Dirty Laundry on Depp’s drinking:

According to this week’s edition of National Enquirer, Johnny Depp’s drinking has reached a whole new level, and his friends are seriously concerned for the actor. This isn’t the first time Johnny’s drinking has been a concern for his health. In 2015, his wife, Amber Heard, reportedly gave Depp an ultimatum and told him he had to choose between her and his booze or she would leave him. But, it looks like Amber Heard didn’t make good on that promise because they are still very much together.

An inside source told the National Enquirer that Johnny Depp is in desperate need of a trip to rehab. The insider dished to the tabloid, “Johnny needs to get some help, and he needs to get it fast.” The source added, “There’s nothing funny about his situation. I’m afraid the only thing that’s going to help him is treatment.”

What will Heard’s spin on this be? Well, possibly this.

This will be good.

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7 years ago

$400M is not at stake. All that is is what he earned during the marriage, what she earned, assets acquired together as community property and then interest earned on assets. Not the whole amount. Add those up, divide and see who owes who. She’ll get a decent payout, will not get spousal support, and then they are done. Most rich people just pay the support up front to cut ties altogether. Her career is pretty much done though. Her rep is about to get hit, and in Hollywood, that hurts box office. Her slot in Hollywood has been filled by… Read more »

Desert Scorpion
Desert Scorpion
7 years ago
Reply to  TurkeyBacon

Her career didn’t take off like she thought it would after marrying Johnny Depp. I think you’re right because she doesn’t seem to be a good actress and if she hasn’t made it now, with her fabulous looks, she’ll never make it. She’s a C lister all the way.