Amy Schumer Won’t Take Photos With You Because of This Guy

If you’re thinking of running up to Amy Schumer to take a photo with her, you probably should put that iPhone down because it’s not going to happen. Well, maybe.

Schumer swore off all fan photos after a guy named Leslie Brewer ran up to her and demanded a picture. In a post on Instagram, Schumer said he ran up, put a camera in her face and scared the s**t out of her. After asking him to stop, he said, “No, it’s America. We paid for you.” It’s unclear whether this was tongue-in-cheek but I reckon not.

Schumer later sort of took back the ban and said she’d only take photos with nice people when she chooses. *Fixes bowtie, launches camera*

If you’re wondering what the interaction looked like from the guy’s perspective, here’s the post he made on Instagram. Of course, with the offending parts cut out. He wrote, “Amy schumer just got mad at me and cussed me out lmao!!! Awesome.”

Yea, so I don’t know if you know this, but the best way to not piss off your celebrity crush is to not sneak up behind them and start taking pictures without any warning. Take it from me. They DO NOT like that. Especially if they’re in their bathroom brushing their teeth.

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