Check Out This Neat Video of Alec Baldwin Losing His S**t

To be real, I would lose my s**t too if I couldn’t go anywhere without being stalked by the paparazzi, but Alec Baldwin went fucking nuts on this photographer when he and his wife were chillin’ in Beverly Hills.

Baldwin tells the photographer that his wife is out-of-bounds to photograph, going Jekyll and Hyde out of nowhere, which is pretty weird considering that Hilaria is a TV personality who obsessively chronicles her life on Instagram.

It looks like Baldwin is having some issues, and even wrote a whole essay in New York nagazine about how he moved from NYC to LA to avoid the public. As if LA isn’t the entertainment capital of the world, one of the biggest cities in the US, and crawling with people and paparazzi or something.

Check out his freakout, caught by TMZ, below.

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