Close Encounters of The Gross Kind: Cosby Must Return to Pennsylvania For Preliminary Hearings

Well for some reason (and that reason is rape culture and a whole bunch of money), Bill Cosby has confessed to the allegations against him yet there’s still a question of his innocence. Comedian Bill Cosby, once beloved sitcom subject and treasured fixture of American culture, stands accused for several instances of drugging women before raping them.

When comedian Hannibal Burress first broke the story at one of his own stand up performances, many people hopped to the defense of their childhood hero. And this is how rape culture perpetuates. We think, we need all the facts in our reluctance to accept our fallen angel as just as fucked up as every predatory college boy. We think, let’s not jump to any conclusions as we drill the accuser to constantly relive their assault. We want to treat these cases the same way we treat murders and robberies, but fact of the matter is… sex crimes often cannot provide the same amount of forensic evidence. So the conundrum becomes: how do we get justice for our victims while still granting the accused their due process?

Lucky for us, Bill Cosby’s case does not have any of these ambiguities. In fact, he straight up confessed years ago. Cosby is set to return to Norristown, PA this week for hearings surrounding the 2005 assault of Temple student, Andrea Constand. When she originally reported the incident, the prosecutor chose not to move forward, but now that it’s convenient…. here we fucking go.

This deposition was taken a decade ago. A fucking decade ago. He invited Constand over to his home where he took advantage of her. Deadass, this is what he said:

Andrea came to the house. I called her. … We talked about Temple University. We talked about her position. And then I went upstairs and I got three pills. I brought them down. They are the equivalent of one and a half. The reason why I gave them and offered them to Andrea, which she took after examining them, was because she was talking about stress.

Ohhhh baby, you’re stressed? Let me, famous wealthy comedian and beloved father figure to many, take care of that for youOh, you don’t want me to? Oops. 

I didn’t say it verbally, I said. The action is my hand on her midriff, which is skin. I’m not lifting any clothing up. This is, I don’t remember fully what it is, but it’s there and I can feel. I got her skin and it’s just above the hand and it’s just above where you can go under the pants.

So Cosby decided it best to test the waters. I mean by then he knew the pills with her would leave her unable to fully understand the situation or respond, so why would he waste his time moving forward?

 I don’t hear her say anything. And I don’t feel her say anything. And so I continue and I go into the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection. I am not stopped.

He was then asked if he remembered pressuring her to do other things, particularly during the time she was a minor. As per TMZ:

The attorney persisted … “She’s 17 and I believe throughout the time she knows you she becomes 18 or 19. On a later occasion you had her masturbate you with lotion. Did that ever happen?” Answer: “Yes.”

You can read his full deposition here.

It’s also worth noting that Cosby knew at all times that what he was doing was wrong. TMZ also reports that Cosby had his agents pay off underage victims as to keep everything under wraps and away from his wife.

If at any point you doubt the claims of any of the women in this ongoing clusterfuck of a legal battle, I don’t know what we’re going to do with our women anymore. A society where women are not believed is a society unsafe for women.

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6 years ago

Hannibal Burress didn’t “break the story”; he related an old story. Fucking lazy writing!