Creed Frontman Hints That He’s the New Stone Temple Pilots Singer, STP Does Not Welcome Him ‘With Arms Wide Open’

Swallow sadness (like Scott Stapp).

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Creed frontman Scott Stapp went on an Atlanta radio show and refused to confirm or deny whether he was gonna be the new frontman of Stone Temple Pilots.

Oh yeah, STP is holding open auditions for a new singer btw. They are encouraging amateur performers to record videos or audio clips of them singing STP songs and send them in so they can pick from a wider pool of people than just famous musicians who are bored or want to buy another yacht.

Trying to sound cooler than he actually is, Stapp said that he’s working on a new album with a new group of famous people with their own band and when pressed was all like:

“I will tell you this, there is a six-degree separation connection between this new project and the band you mentioned.”

Then s**t took a really weird dark turn when Stapp confirmed he’s using the same tour bus that former STP singer Scott Weiland died in last December. Sounds like he’s trying to get in on his essence or something, and is only six degrees away from going full out Silence of the Lambs on the much better band.

Didn’t take long for STP to drop that rumor in the well and forget about it, though.

Scott Stapp might want to get medical attention for that fucking burn.

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