Demi Lovato Takes It Back to High School by Picking a Fight with Nicki Minaj over Social Media Slip Up

I know most of Demi Lovato’s fans are 13, but that doesn’t mean she should act like she’s in 7th grade.

After not being tagged in an Instagram pic with Nicki Minaj and designer Jeremy Scott at the Met Gala, Demi Lovato took to snapchat to get passive aggressive as hell.

Here is the Instagram pic that started it all.

Maybe Nicki just doesn’t like Demi. Maybe it was an accident. Maybe it’s Demi Lovato’s fault for being forgettable and tone deaf. Idk. Demi immediately whipped out her Megamind filter on Snapchat to get petty.

That wasn’t enough. She also shot back on Instagram with this pic that I guess is supposed to make Nicki Minaj look like a bitch, but I’m not really sure because I’m fucking distracted by Demi’s sausage fingers. It looks like Jeremy and Nicki were chillin’ at the mall when Demi came over to mouth breathe on them tbh.

Somebody needs to wake Jeremy Scott up inside.

Nicki has yet to shoot back, probably because she doesn’t care. Way to throw shade, girl.

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6 years ago

Like Demi, I’m going to hashtag random words and put them in my Instagram posts. #cereal, #DatelineNBC, #bathtub…

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